Tuesday, 30 November 2010

World Economy Collapse explained in 3 minutes

And now onto global Warming!!!

Yes the ice age continues here in Southport!
Last night i put on my thermal vest, Cycle thermal top, thermal tights, heavy duty gloves and 'hunters' hat complete with ear muffs!
Yes I was ready to go, setting off into the freezing air I felt well toastie but also like I'd gaining a stone in weight due to the said for mentioned clothing.
I reached the meeting point for the club fartlek session 5 mins late, missing the group, Dam!
I went into hunter mode and tracked them down after 10 mins by following their footprints in the heavy frost!
Disappointingly only 4 others turned up!
Some runners are such wimps!

Conditions were a bit slippy in places and at times I felt like one of those cartoon characters running with legs at full speed but going nowhere fast as my smooth soled Nike Free's slipped on the icy surface!
anyway it was a good challenge and we made it through!
I took the long way home and finished with 6 x fast strides at about 5 min mile pace, then I decided to run a half mile block at sub 6 pace just for good measure!
Total time = 1 hour 57 mins




Scott Keeps Running said...

the ice age is here too

Scott Brown said...

Nice clip about the Fincial crisis Rick, I owe you a debt of gratitude ;)

Anonymous said...

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