Tuesday, 9 November 2010

RYAN HALL asks God for New training plan!

Don't get me wrong, I really like the guy, BUT..., read his blog post and tell me what you think, is he losing the plot?
Or is he really in truth just running by FEEL, INSTINCT as in Matt Fitzgerald's book, ie; run hard when he feels good and take it easy when he feels tired.
Is his voice of God really just his own inner voice?

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Now it is time for me to think about a lot of things.I still love running. I will always run. Just give me some time to think things over


Anonymous said...

ryan hall - what a load of old bollox. we've lost him to the christian fundamentalists i'm afraid.

Thomas said...

He is a deeply religious person, but I think he's lost it. Kneeling in prayer every morning listening for God to give him today's workout???

Well, if he succeeds I guess it means he's better in tune with his body than anyone else (though he himself would attribute it to the Big Guy of course), but this reads more like the ramblings of a cult leader than a runner.

Westley said...

Not sure what to make of it. Presumably his own knowledge will consciously intercede and provide a flexible plan based on science rather than 'manifest destiny'. If it's a success, in spite of, rather than because of his faith, it might reinforce his self belief. However,if it goes awry it will go very badly for him. Let's hope it's the former and that he's happy with whatever he believes is the progenitor of his success.

Scott Brown said...

You know I couldn't keep silent on this one, Rick ;) But I won't say too much only that I hope he is right!

Still I'm pretty sure there is a kid with cancer somewhere more deserving of an ear from God than young Ryan! And if he keeps this up Sarah is going to be looking from more than a coach ;)

Forward Foot Strides said...

Huh. It's definitely not a concept that I can wrap my head around...

If it works for him, then good I guess?

Scott Keeps Running said...

Sounds like he's afraid to me. Afraid of not being the #1 guy. Afraid of not breaking the American record. Afraid of etc., etc.

The brilliant part of the plan is that if he fails now he can say "God had a different plan for me." He can't blame it on himself or his coach anymore.

Let's hope the Olympic trials aren't on a Sunday...

Rick said...

Thanks guys, you have all come up with some great comments.
Lets hope Ryan sees the 'LIGHT' and travels down the righteous path to a 2.04 !

Ewen said...

I'd like to know what happens if the new coach tells him to go for a 15 minute jog once a day for 300 days in a row?

P.S. Sorry I've missed a few comments Rick, but sometimes your blog causes my computer to freeze. And it's not cold down here!


Ewen I have been putting quite a few video's on my blog posts and this might be upsetting your 1986 computor :]
I really am worried about RH,
I wonder what his sponsors think ?
I think he's gone a bit crackers to say the least!
He says Sunday is a day of rest in the Bible, problem is most Marathons are on a Sunday

Ewen said...

That's probably it Rick... but my computer is a 2001 model! I got rid of the Commodore 64 years ago.

Rome might want to sponsor him. They need to get their younger audience back onside.

barefootjosh said...

Reminds me of this Chris Rock routine where the winner of a boxing match is interviewed, saying he won with the help of god. The loser says he would like a rematch, but just with the fighter. "I mean, sure he can kick my ass with GOD helping him. How am I supposed to compete with that? And what did I do to piss God off so much? The least he could do is put my eyeball back in my head."

I paraphrase, but you get the point.

Anyway Ryan is using his theology as an excuse to train how he wants to train. He's getting desperate because I'm getting faster. I can smell his fear from my couch in North Cackalacky.

Rick said...

Josh I've heard a rumor that RH is now doing secret Barefoot running on water!