Friday, 15 October 2010

Top tips for running in the dark and I'm enjoying running again!

Top Tips For running In The dark

5 Ways to be more confident in life

Those miners have just emerged from a very dark hole and I'm starting to feel the same way!
At last I'm starting to enjoy my running again, My body is starting to feel re energised !
Wednesdays run was what Marius calls the first real session after the Marathon.

4 x 5 mins at 1/2 Marathon pace [5.59] with 2 min Rec
After a good warm up I used a hilly loop around Hillside and was pleased to find I was able to hold sub 6 min pace while feeling quite strong and in control!
1/ 5.56 pace, 2/ 5.53 pace, 3/ 5.54 pace, 4/ 5.51 pace
= 43 mins
Thur easy-steady run with Tess, finishing with 6 fast strides, felt good = 30 mins


Scott Brown said...

Glad to hear that Rick!

Talking about the miners in Chile.

I heard that Tiger Woods visited looking to help out but he made a mistake going there cause he thought they said there were 33 gold diggers looking for someone to bore them out!!!


Ha,ha, your funny Scott :]

Running in the Family said...

Thanks for the link!