Friday, 29 October 2010

Fixing Broken Runners, Part III: The Reckoning

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The exercises Mike does ;

Foor foot stability:

- Balancing on one leg (increases activity of muscles in foot).
- Heel and toe touches (back and forth) on a rocker board with the board aligned 45 degrees (both ways) relative to straight ahead.

For hip stability:
- Clamshells to strengthen the gluteals.
- Standing hip hike.
- Single leg dead lift.
- squats on the rocker board

For tissue mobility:
- Kneeling hip flexor stretch.
- Hamstring stretch on back in doorway.
- Rolling golfball under plantar fascia.
- Calf stretch with towel under big toe.

For running form (practiced during running):
- Work on increasing cadence to 90 rpm.
- Think about dropping chest forward to put even weight over the forefoot and rearfoot.


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