Saturday, 2 October 2010

Interview With Ryan Hall, can he still be the next great Marathon Champion?

Ryan Hall2color




Samurai Running said...

Well, if you look at the stats of other world class runners, basically none of them have been able to beat their best time which usually came pretty early in their careers.

Still. After reading his blog and if I understand his thought processes, I would say that Ryan could pull out something special within the next 5 years. He really is into positive thinking.

We are all subject to the laws of nature, although the last word has not been written on this, just look at what Geb is still doing!!!


I really hope so Scott.

Ewen said...

Apropos Scott Brown's comment, Geb didn't start racing marathons until he was into his thirties, however I agree that Ryan can be doing the same (and winning marathons) if he's careful to fully recover from what must be a fairly serious case of fatigue.