Monday, 18 October 2010


The 3 weeks recovery has really done me a shed load of good, I feel fresh and hungry and ready to go!

I'm now starting Marius Bakken's introduction week one of three before moving into 5-10k training for the rest of the year, the idea being to get back some speed and keep fresh!
OK, time to hit the road!
It was pretty wild and windy out tonight, I headed for the rolling roads of Hillside for the session.
7 x 1 min- 45 sec- 30 sec- 15 sec [ starting at Marathon pace and building up to 10 k pace] with just 15 sec recovery between each effort.
Things went well and I was soon hitting 10K pace. The legs were flying round and quite a few times I was hitting 5.20 pace.
Somehow I cocked up my counting and ended up with an extra set, the legs were starting to feel a little wobbly by the end, but this is the fastest I've run for a while!
time inc rec = 29.30, av speed 6.35 pace inc Rec, Total time with warm up and down = 57 mins

Can I get back to running 21.30 for 4 miles ?

CARL's majestic running form has ZILCH to do with Pose running, but you can read how to get awesome running form from his coach HERE

Kerrang Radio, make it loud!

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