Sunday, 3 October 2010

The 6 Performance Enhancement Areas Of The Body

I've started following Trigger Points Performance programme this week, to help with my post Marathon recovery and start to address the muscle imbalances which have caused my sciatica.
Already I've improved my dynamic range of movement and my posture feels more balanced.
Check out The 6 Performance Enhancement Areas Of The Body
Also i have compiled all the TPP Massage Video's here in one place:

Think about it, most pro elite runners get regular massages to stop build up of micro fibres and scar tissue which shorten range of movement, cause posture imbalances and injury!
It's the ONLY one you've got!
And it will thank you with better performance and less pain:]


Ewen said...

Rick, did you buy any of the trigger point kits? Which one would you recommend? I'm not injured at the moment, and for $100-$150 I could buy another pair of shoes :)


Ewen I have not bought the tPP massae set yet.
For now I'm using my dogs rubber ball and a roller which can be bought through a physio suppies.
I may buy the full kit latter on.
Ewen i think if you follow the Tpp videos you will see an improvement in the range of motion of your hips and ankles.
i know your looking to improve your stride length.
The TPP works by breaking down scar tissue and micro fibres that we build up over the years through hard training and racing.
My own chiropractor uses trigger point massage, it works!
i think you can expect to improved dynamic range of movement, more elastic-powerful muscles and faster recovery and less stiffness.
Buy a rubber dogs ball [fairly solid so it does not compress under weight] or a tennis ball and roller, give the TPP videos ago, i think you will be impressed with the result.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,

You'll feel the difference between your dog's ball and a TP massage ball the second you use them. Our products are designed to mimic the feeling of the human hand. After 5-7 seconds of pressure the massage ball will "give" and allow the muscle to relax around the ball, releasing tightness similar to the way an Active Release Therapist would. Rick we love to seeing people like yourself who are so enthusiastic about what we're doing at Trigger Point Performance Therapy. Please email me directly to discuss becoming an Affiliate partner


Trigger Point Performance Therapy

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Samurai Running said...

Great stuff Rick, I'll get on it.

But I wont use any "dog's balls" as it would hurt them more than it would help me ;)