Saturday, 23 October 2010


Hall to coach himself after split with Mahon

One day after his departure from the Mammoth Track Club and coach Terrence Mahon was confirmed, Ryan Hall announced that he will coach himself. Hall said, " I believe that operating in this manner will allow me to run with a new level of faith and excitement."

Ryan Hall
For those curious about my recent change and next steps:

Turns out Ryan's NEW coach is an 'OLD GUY' with a white beard who looks down on us all from above!
What do you think, is Ryan making the right move or does he need a top class coach to take him to the next level?
If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.

Marius Bakken Introduction week one

Had a good run over the big sandhills again with Tess.

4 mins faster than last week on same course! = 1 hour 20 mins
Level one run on road av speed 7.9 mph, = 41 mins
Did the Trigger point workout every day this week, feeling the benefits for sure!



Ewen said...

Yes, that was a surprise. I guess he's got plenty of contacts - including God! Makes sense to me to get away from the terrible winters they have up there.


Yep Ewen getting away from the snow and cold makes sense BUT! How many elite runners don't have a full time coach?

jamie said...

Interesting move.. and one that will be scrutinized by many. Especially the atheists.

Ewen said...

Not many Rick. I know a local bloke, Marty (who ran the marathon in Delhi) who's now self-coached. Wasn't Steve Jones self-coached? Vincent Rousseau rings a bell too.

RICK said...

You could be right Ewen.
check out this link to see the training Steve jones use to do;

Samurai Running said...

Interesting what Jamie says, I think he's right this move will be scrutinized by many atheists, but when you put your good races down to "God" you can't expect the atheists to not point out the obvious when things start going bad!

Still for mine, I think he or his coach weren't doing too bad it is not going to be a wise idea to change his training too much and just needs to have "faith" that he will get his break sooner or later.

Anyone that thinks he can't do it should look again at his times at Boston and NYC!

If there is a problem it is the African competition. Not much any coach can do about that.

I have a feeling that Ryan quit cause of too many non-believers were he was. Now that may just motivate him to better times, but in the long run I reckon that we do best when we take on board ideas from people that are different from us and "God" or Ryan probably think much a like!

Jim Hansen said...

I know you have been getting into trigger point therapy. Here are some of the best demonstrations and explanations that I have seen.
I just found this site last night and I am going to spend quite some time viewing and using these.

Rick said...

Thank Jim, great info.
Jamie, Ewen and scott interesting comments, cheers.

Ewen said...

Thanks Rick. The interesting thing about Steve Jones' last 3 weeks of training is the mix of good and 'bad' runs (and feelings about them). Sounds just like the rest of us, except he ran a world record!

Scott McMurtrey said...

God's marathon PB must be sub-2:20, right? I'm sure he (or she?) has plenty of sound running tips. God's son was an endurance athlete (40 days with no water or food in the desert), so athleticism runs in the blood.