Monday, 2 August 2010


Location hillside 5K loop
10 X 4 MINS [ 4 MINS L2 - 4 MINS L3 UP TO L4] no rest between
Here is the pace for each 4 min;
1/ 6.27 pace 2/6.02 3/6.40 4/ 5.58 5/6.51 6/ 5.56 7/ 6.52 8/ 5.57 9/ 6.45 10/ 5.49

Used my Newton shoes for the first time in ages and to be honest they felt restrictive and heavy, after wearing more minimalist shoes of late, I really did not like the fact that I could not feel the arch of my foot working correctly!
strange how perceptions change, I felt much more springy in my modified Nike free's on last Fridays session!

I've now got a really tough 2 hour progression run on Wed and a 3 1/2 hour easy run at the weekend to look forward to!


Scott Keeps Running said...

I know what you mean - ever since I went on one run in a racing flat I haven't been able to run in my "old" road shoes. Too much shoe...they feel like wooden blocks on my feet.

Scott Brown said...

Yes Rick "strange how perceptions change." All my old girlfriends had to redefine the meaning of "good love making" after going out with me, but I do digress ;)

Ewen said...

Ha! Scott Brown's blowing his own trumpet again! He needs to hold back on that until after Sunday.

Yes, same here with the shoes. I don't enjoy any more than the Frees these days.. maybe the racing flats for races. I want to try the Kinvara which is supposed to be minimalist.


Cheers guys, for comments.
Yes light flexible shoes that let your feet work in their own natural way are so much better:]
Scott Mr Bown, well really I would not dream of of commenting on your 'love making' with ex girl friends, But if they want to contact me, I'm sure we could make a great book out of it!!!

vibram said...

after using my vibram pair for a couple of months..i feel the same when i get to use my old pair, the feeling is different..