Tuesday, 10 August 2010

5 Mins with; European 10,000m silver medallist and rising star Chris Thompson



Scott Brown said...

Hi Rick

Thanks for the info on those Marius Bakken training plans you left on my blog site.

I've already gone ahead and bought the sub 2:45:00 plan. I'm do as he suggests and add a few more sessions a week and try to run the fast days a little faster.

You are right I need to run smarter and change things around a bit. This may be the answer or at lest a step in the right direction. I'm excited to put this to work and jump to the next level ;)

Again thanks.


Scott, great news.
I think you will enjoy the training and you should feel fresher and less tired and have the added bonus of spending more time with your family.
Maybe you should aim at 2.40 for your next marathon and see thinks go.