Sunday, 15 August 2010

Form to make you run FAST!

I show this video again just because it's a real joy to watch Ryan Hall running at 4 min mile pace and making it look so dam easy!

After reading Steve Magness's 2nd article on Running Form I decided to work on my own form, i remember reading that Tom Tellez said not to just let your foot hang in the air and let gravity pull it down to the ground, but use a strong hip extension to pull your foot down quickly so it lands under your centre of gravity.
This seemed to work for me, straight after my foot becomes grounded I switch off my glutes and let momentum pull my body over my grounded foot,.
The great thing is the faster you go the longer your stride extends behind you!
I've read that it's not possible to extend your hip through glute power once your foot is grounded because the quads dominate to stop your knee collapsing on impact.
There is a simple test you can do; stand on one leg, now activate your glutes for all there worth do you move forward?
Only by losing balance ie raising your calf muscle will you move foreword.
The other test is to stand facing a wall, feet two feet away.
Stand on one leg, lean forward, touch the wall with your hands.
Feel gravity pushing you into the wall.
Now try and extend your hip, do you feel an increace of force against the wall?
Location sandhill 4
20 min recovery run plus a 1 hour 20 min walk with Tess,Jon, sarah and Rob, who are all injuried at the moment and can't run!


Scott Brown said...

Yes Rick nice to watch!



No worries mate, may the power of the Lord by with you 2 :]

Ewen said...

Thanks Rick. Liked that one from Ryan. Also the hopping and side/side with Josh and Sarah. Good point by Terrence about most runners being 'stronger' on one side and doing a drill which shows up this imbalance.


Glad you found the vids of interest Ewen

Anonymous said...

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