Monday, 16 August 2010

30 X 1 MIN WITH 30 REC

Location; Hillside 5k loopGreat Run Tech
Today's sessi
on called for 30 x i min, starting at level 2 [30 sec below MP] and gradually building up to upper level 4 [ 10k pace]. with 30 sec rec.
Well after the first couple of efforts I was soon hitting 10k pace and beyond and just kept it going!
So slap on the wrist from Marius for not completing the session correctly.
Lets hope I've saved enough energy for Wednesdays 2 hour progression run!
I finished off with 6 x 20 sec smart strides, I reached a max of 15.4 mph on the last one which must be my highest top speed of the year .
I finished running squelching in a shoe full of blood, as my newly cut toe nail cut into the next toe, looked lovely:]
Total time = 1 hour
Shoes; Bloody Nike Free's with cut down heels.
Nothing for it but to put said shoes into the washing machine!
UPDATE; Oops, just opened the washing machine, shoes look great but found some of my wife's under garments in there too, Christ don't tell the wife!!!

What Drives You?

As I continue my biggest and hardest weeks of training that serve to prepare me to enter into a state of fitness I have never experienced before I can not help but think about what is driving me to train so hard and to push through such grueling workouts. On Sunday I ran 12 miles medium-hard then 8 miles hard with just a short break to change into lighter shoes between the two segments. This workout is incredibly testing. The pain encountered beckons the question: “why am I doing this to myself?” MORE


We are celebrating Brian Gows birthday and there is a rumour that he will buy us all a drink after the event :]

RUBBISH 5K, link



Murderers! Stop murdering. Everyone will die eventually. Just sit down and be patient.


Scott Brown said...

Now all your numbers regarding your MB training are making more sense to me, and they are looking good.

Glad it was you and not me that destroyed the clothes ;)

And young Ryan forgets to mention the motivation of money that sustains his training and running lifestyle. He may very well be getting more out of his training by thinking "love" but we'd all feel a bit more "loving" with a million dollar shoe sponsorship ;)


Yes Scott, not having worries about paying the bills can bring a great peace of mind to oneself :]

brooks beast said...

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