Sunday, 22 August 2010


Sat 21st
Location Parbold
It's been a very good week of training, with 30 x 1 min at 10k pace, a 2 hour progression run and finishing off with a 3 hour hill run.
Ran with mate Paul for over 2 hours then finished on my own to take it out to 3 hours!

We started with the 1 mile stony Lane then went down through the Quarry which looked really picturesque with the sun reflecting off the water.
Next was Hunters Hill followed with a fast descent through the fields to parbold.
We then tackled the 2 mile ashurst Beacon, 2/3 of the way up we turned off the road and heading along a narrow trail to the top of the Beacon this inc a super steep section of about 1 in 3 !
Another fast downhill before climbing up Fairy Glen, then down the main Rd back to Parbold.
A quick drink and a energy gel block and i left Paul to finish the last hour on my own , a lap round the Harrock Hill race followed, once again I went over Hunters Hill, unlike last week i didn't need to walk [thanks to the energy blocks] finishing with a run down through the fields.
Paul did really well, his longest run since injury!
2400ft of climbing, 7 main climbs, = 3 Hours
Sun 22nd
Run-walk with sarah, Rob, Jon and tess total time = 1.20

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Ewen said...

Nice week Rick. Funny you mentioning Hunters Hill as I used to run a 10k course to there and back when I was living in Sydney. I guess the Poms have borrowed a lot of Aussie names to use for their landmarks ;)