Friday, 20 August 2010

There is No Silver Bullet and The NEW Biomechanics of Sprinting

By Terrence Mahon

This past weekend I was in London, England for the Diamond League Track meet at the Crystal Palace. On the morning of the meet I teamed up with Alberto Salazar and Ricky Simms (coach & manager to many of the great Kenyan track runners) to give a coaching clinic for UK Athletics. It was a great event that brought together over 100 coaches and athletes from the UK club system to engage in a Q & A forum with Alberto, Ricky and myself.

A lot of what was talked about was comparing our US athletes and their rise to prominence with both their European and African counterparts. What became interesting to see was the utter simplicity of the Kenyan training model and how largely successful it is as a whole. However, the American and European mindset is often filled with testing gadgets, the newest-latest GPS watch and the 7 quickest ways to build stronger abs.

Biomechanics of maximal velocity sprinting

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Ewen said...

That was a good one Rick. Interesting that Mahon said the Kenyans would run 12 x 400 as their afternoon session if not being coached.

stu said...

i often wonder whether all the gadgets and gizmos we use are really that useful, especially when as you say, the Kenyan teams training is very basic.