Friday, 30 July 2010

Marius Bakken session, variation of speed-going long, learning pace control, having confidence.

Kings Gardens one K loop
Proper Running Technique - Strides in Slow Motion
It was wet and windy as I set out so headed over to the relative shelter of the Kings Gardens down by the Marine lake.
There was a pop festive going on in the next park [Victoria] and the cover versions of Robbby Williams and Take That wafted over with the prevailing wind!
Oh well not really my choice of workout music, but hey it was free s o can't really complain Right!
Started off with 12 mins at 1/2 marathon effort [L3], I averaged 5.54 pace, feeling strong.
Next two mins rec, then straight into 3 mins at 10K effort [L4], I was rewarded with 5.42 pace average.
Two more mins of rec then 6 mins at L3 which again I averaged 5.54 pace, two more mins of rec and then I had to run at L2 for 3 mins I was aiming at 6.48 pace but ended up with 6.50 pace, I find it hard to concentrate at this slower pace.
Two mins easy then 9 mins at L3, I was pleased to average 5.57 pace, 2mins rec then 3 mins at L4 , I was flying now and averaged 5.36 pace.
i finished off with two final efforts of a min each at L4, 5.47 and 5.36 pace followed.
On the way home I did 6 x 20 sec smart strides.
Very pleased with how the session went.
Thanks marius my confidence is growing, felt really strong!

Total time =1.17


Ewen said...

You can leave 'Take That' Rick, but a few of Robbie's songs aren't too bad - like 'Let me Entertain You'. Has to be the real Robbie though!

Nice going with the session. Sounds like you've hit a new level of fitness.


Thanks Ewen, 'But' I can't really leave Take That as I was never a member in the first place! :]
Yes Robbie could belt out a few goodun's in his time!
Yep, feeling like I did when I smashed my 1/2 marathon p.b.
a 'Good Feeling' :]