Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Just finished an Epic 2 hour 17 min progression run [in heavy showers] over the demanding Parbold hills. 2886ft of climbing
The session
30 mins at L 1 [96-115 bpm]
20 mins L 3 [128-139 bpm]
30 mins L 1
20 mins L3
10 mins L1
10 mins L4 [ 139-147 bpm] then finished with 17 mins at L1
Work level based on a Max of 160 bpm
I followed a very hilly course along the roads of Parbold and Harrock Hill which inc 5 climbs.
From the start the heavens opened up, at first big globs of rain drops then heavy showers, turning the narrow lane up the first climb into a river, I got a brief rest from the downpour as I made my way down the quarry rd, but the heavy showers were soon to return for the rest of the run, at least I did not feel cold.
I took no gels or drinks during the session, but was still able to finish the last hard effort [ 10k pace] quite strongly.Harrock Hill Windmill (remains of) by acl John.

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