Monday, 16 June 2008


to do the impossible and turn back time! and the aging process
Four years ago I ran my fastest ever half marathon, my challenge is to run as close to that time or even better and break the 6 min mile barrier for the first time, is it possible at the age of 47. I now have a more efficient running style thanks to CHI RUNNING and a better aerobic base thanks to ARTHUR LYDIARD, will this be enough to defy my age? WATCH THIS SPACE, 22nd june!

The 27th Royal Pendlebury Childrens Hospital Half Marathon
at Swinton on Sunday 12th September 2004 Pendlebury -- FINAL RESULTS

     Pos  Name                 Cat/Pos Club         Time

1 Paul Freary Belgrave Harriers 1:11:26
2 Colin Rigby Horwich R M I Harriers 1:11:41
3 Duncan Mason Salford Harriers 1:13:08
4 Tony Duffy V45 1 Bolton United Harriers & AC 1:13:44
5 David Lockett Salford Harriers 1:14:10
6 Robert Jackson Horwich R M I Harriers 1:14:54
7 David Gregory V40 1 Clayton Le Moors Harriers 1:16:40
8 Gary Matthews V40 2 E Cheshire H & Tameside AC 1:18:08
9 Mikko Kuronen V45 2 E Cheshire H & Tameside AC 1:18:39
10 ALIEN LIZARD V40 3 Southport Waterloo AC 1:18:39
11 Rob Haworth V45 3 Horwich R M I Harriers 1:18:54
12 Mark Ellithorn V40 4 Chorley Harriers 1:19:33
13 Michael Nester V50 1 Blackburn Road Runners 1:20:22
14 Dominic Raby Chorley Harriers 1:20:25
15 Alastair Murray Horwich R M I Harriers 1:20:59
16 Sean McMyler V40 5 Horwich R M I Harriers 1:21:15
17 Adrian Harris V45 4 Radcliffe AC 1:22:03
18 Gary Cassidy Altrincham & District AC 1:22:05
19 Gareth Booth Chorley Harriers 1:22:24

Sat 21st
Steady run over the sandhills, worked on good CHIRUNNING FORM = 33 MINS
Fri 20th
Core training
Thur 19th
10 x 150m strides with Rob on the waterloo rd rugby field.
Wed 18th
Being getting a lot of pain from a wisdom tooth pushing through my gum, taking strong pain killers but not getting much sleep, as a result did not feel very good today, lets hope things improve very soon!
3 x 1 mile,very windy day, 1st mile warm up 6.16 2nd mile hard 5.36, 3rd mile half marathon pace 5.58 = 45 mins
Tue 17th
steady-easy run = 32.27
Mon 16th
Felt quite good, maintained a good CHI RUNNING posture, ran to vic park then ran 3 X 1 MILE

5.58 half marathon pace!
5.25 hard
5.53 half marathon pace! = 40 mins

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Grellan said...

Best of luck on Sunday.

I have the Chi Running Book with six months but put it down while training for a recent marathon using a different programme. I will certainly read it from cover to cover now that I am gearing up for my next training cycle.