Sunday, 22 June 2008


Freckleton half marathon/ Riders on the storm
Gale force winds reaching 50mph dashed the hopes of Rob Mcgrath and me running good times, which was a shame as the rolling course was enjoyable and the race one of the best organized and marshaled that I have run in, so a big thanks go out to Brian Porter race organizer.
Now the nasty bit! the WIND, strong enough to pull trees down, and bring runners to there knees. three times during the race i almost fell as the gusting wind pushed my legs from under me.
Inform Rob set off like a scolded cat and it took me Almost 5 miles to catch him, soon after rob got a second wind! and shot off again, not to been seen till the finish.
i found myself in a small group and we worked the best we could into the gale. It seemed to be a head wind or side on all the way to 9 miles after which we got a welcome tail wind for 3 miles, unfortunately by then my legs were well gone!
with half a mile to go we turned right straight into the teeth off the storm, this really was the final straw to break the camels back! It made you want to cry or even stop and rip your number off in disgust! some how, like every one else I soldiered on to finish in a not very respectable PLACE rob on the other hand put in a fine display of power to finish in a very credible 11TH 1.21.09 taking into account the dreadful conditions.
I am not sure what conclusions I can make from this race as I have never run in such atrocious conditions before, but feel disappointed with my performance!

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