Sunday, 2 December 2007

riders on the storm

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found my self singing "riders on the storm" as i splashed my way round the sandhills in stormy conditions.
jim " hey lizard, its an awesome day to be out riding the waves " well jim, bit on the cold side,think i'll stick to riding the sand dunes! hey lizard do you take drugs? no jim,i find the the natural runners high is all i need! sounds cool lizard ! anyway jim how you been keeping, well you know lizard i've just been hangin out playing my music and writing a few poems. sounds cool jim.

strange the inner voices in ones mind as you run along !
glad i got the long run in yesterday as conditions are pretty grim!
just a easy run today,hope to start picking the mileage up again next week. = 44.38

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Thomas said...

If the storm on the other side of the Irish channel was anything as bad as it has here, it was indeed grim. Still, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, doesn't it?