Tuesday, 11 December 2007


very little running over the last 3 weeks,due to a calf muscle tear which happened at the end of the preston 10 mile race. the injury was caused by a long term problem i have of turning my feet inwards.back when i first switched from cycle racing to running a use to get bad sciatic pains down my legs. i visited the birkdale chiropractors where doctor fullwood told me that he had seen me out running and that i was pointing my feet inwards . this was causing me to slap my feet down hard sending shock waves up my legs and also causing a twisting action upon my calves .
to change ones long standing style is not all that easy,if i concentrate am ok but if i get tired or don't think about it then i go back to pointing the feet in and my problems start again.
anyway am now back on the road to recovery and plan a slow steady build up. i now plan to reach a peak in june through to end of august, racing the hilly summer evening races from may onwards plus some longer races before hand.
havin had very good results from ARTHUR LYDIARDS base training i plan to put another 2 months of this aerobic base training in from jan - end of feb, power training in march then anaerobic training in april and may.this should get me to a peak for my favorite summer races.
i had entered the longridge 7 mile race this sunday but if I run it now it will just be at a steady pace.

mon 10th dec
core training

tue 11th dec
set out on a beautiful winters afternoon,crisp and cold with a low winters sun barely getting above the horizon.
headed out to the sandhills where mad dog tess got a shock when she dived into her favorite pond to find her self crashing through thin ICE ! i've heard that ice baths are good for you but thought i'd give it a miss !!
tested the calf muscle out by doing 5 mins fast aerobic 2 mins easy all the way round JON'S sandhill loop. we use to think this was 6 miles round untill i got the garmin,only to find out with a shock it was only 4.7 of soft sand and endless sand dunes.
total for the day = 1.18.54

Almost had a Paula Radcliffe moment !
wed 12th dec
steady run round the back roads of parbold and harrock hill,inc 3 climbs.
hope to slowly build the mileage up again over the coming weeks.
awful stomach pains today,blame it on the works Christmas meal ! stomach almost exploded, so cut the run short,just made it to the loo in time!!! almost had a Paula Radcliffe moment. = 1.20

thur 13th
core training

sat 15th
ran with tess over the big sandhills, 4 min fast aerobic 1 min easy all the way round.
running alot better than last weeks run. 11.30 miles =1.36.03

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