Wednesday, 26 December 2007

getting back into the training

mon 24
ran jons sandhill loop,4 mins fast 1 min easy all the way round/
= 1.00
tue 25
christmas day,my wife was working in the afternoon so i got out for a short run,not feeling too good as i am starting with the cold.
i cooked the turkey and even baked a cake and did all the decorations on it, almost proud of my self !
8x 120m leg speed = 40 mins

wed 26
decided to get a long run in even though am still feeling a bit rough,started slow and easy,ran over the sand dunes and through the pinewoods, found a couple of new paths to keep me interested.started to pick the pace up over the last few miles and didn't feel all that bad.
= 2.17

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