Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lancaster Half Marathon Competition WIN!

Win the book 'Racing Weight'!
Just guess My time in Sundays Lancaster Half Marathon 2011.
My fastest time on this course was in 2009
The closest wins the excellent book by Matt Fitzgerald.
Please leave your guess in the comments section below.
Find out more about the prize below;

Frankfurt marathon 2011, Wilson Kipsang 2:03:42, 2nd fastest of all time

The (r)evolution of the marathon: An unprecedented era CLICK HERE

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Ben J said...

I'll go for Matthew Kisorio for the win on his debut in a course record of 2:06:52. I think anyone who can run 58:46 for a half must be fairly fit!
Ben J

Ben J said...

Haha, misread the competition a bit! thought it was for new york marathon for some reason. I've just wasted 15mins reading up on the contenders for that!

I think 1:21:15 at lancaster but hope you can smash that.

Samurai Running said...

I don't want to put limitations on you and your race but if it means I'll win a book then 1:20:30 it's going to have to be!

Have a good one but not better than the time I predicted!!

Anonymous said...

1:20:44 :-D Good luck x


Thanks Ben, yes I changed the comp as I didn't think anyone would know who was running in NYC.
Cheers Scott, as I have only been running trail and X/C races I have no real idea what I will do, as long as it's my best on the day I will be happy BUT faster the better :0]


Thanx Lorn

Anonymous said...

Rick - It hardly seems fair that I should take yet more candy from these babies. But I am a bloody fat git, in need of Matt Fitzgerald's dietary advice.

So, with apologies to all other correspondents, I can confirm that you will run 1:22.15 in Lancaster.

Have fun.

Johnny Fandango

Steve said...

I predict you will run one second slower then I did last week.

Anonymous said...

1hr 18m 20s
ps 4mins ahead of me I feel

Anonymous said...

I think as long as your not punishing me(sorry pacing) then 1:19:20.
lets hope for a cold day and a nice race.
Please go faster as i don,t want to diet, i like fat and slow it suits me!!
paul c

Ewen said...

Thanks for posting the Kipsang video Rick. He's a beautifully relaxed and smooth runner - especially seeing that was the last kms of a marathon. If they had a straight finish he would have broken the WR!

I'll guess 1:19:59! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

best of luck

bricey said...

I wanted to say 1:19:20 but that's already taken so you'll now have to slow down and finish in 1:19:35!!! Good luck and enjoy it. Brendan