Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chiropractors And Anemia!

I visited my chiropractor DR Scott Fullwood on Monday to get my sciatica treated.
DR Scott's been treating me for many years and I doubt I'd be running now without his help!
Been feeling very tired and run down and my cold has gone on for almost 4 weeks.
I'm starting to think that I might have anemia again, back in 2006 i was struck down with it when I had poor form and continuous illness.
The doctor took blood tests that confirmed anemia, I started taking liver tablets on a daily basis but for some reason stopped this year.
Reading this article Iron Supplementation makes me think that I could be suffering with depleted iron stores once more so I've started taking a liquid iron tonic, hopefully I'll start to feel better soon!
Mon 50 mins walk
Tue hillside loop easy with last 5 mins at marathon pace, hip and hamstring tight and sore but improved as I warmed up = 30 mins
Wed Ran with Ben over the big sand dunes, hip sore and tight at start but improved through the run. turned out to be the fastest average speed we have run for this route.
But felt totally wiped out afterwards and had to go to bed for a couple of hours to recover.
2 Hours 9 Mins
Thur leg speed session on grass, 20 x 10 sec fast relaxed strides once ever 400 m.
followed by easy run over the sand hills.
1 Hour 42 Mins


Ewen said...

You're sounding like my first car (an old HR ute), badly in need of a 200,000 mile overhaul ;)

Actually, my meat intake has been low for the past month and I'm wondering if my iron stores could be on the low side - esp after my dismal 3000 last night. Thanks for the reminder.

By the way, enjoying Keith's book, but taking my time.


Yes Ewen I'm running on only two of my 4 cylinders at the moment!
The anemia kind of creeps up on your slowly.
Good runs become average runs and average becomes poor runs.
If in doubt get your blood count checked!
Yep Keith's book book needs to time to absorb all the facts.
You will learn a great deal I'm sure!
Stick with it :0]

Rob said...

Hey Rick its a balls when that happens it might be an oppertunity to focus less on pushing the pace and more on body position and form get well soon.

Chiropractors in Atlanta GA said...

Exercise could actually help us in maintaining our good posture and definitely on our physical and mental health. Running is one among of those exercise which the doctors advices us to do. It could actually prevent us from sickness and other medical problems and in fact it helps us in saving our money. Money really matters! Chiropractor does not prescribe drugs or performs surgical procedures but they do refer patients for these services if they are medically indicated.

Chiropractic Care said...

Chiropractic treatment holds an extremely small risk. The chiropractic profession takes this issue very seriously and engages in training and postgraduate education courses to recognize the risk factors in patients.
I really thanks for Dr Scott..

Anonymous said...

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