Saturday, 12 November 2011

EPO For The Common Runner!

Tess and me headed out over the big sand dunes and through the pinewoods on a long run.
For the first time in ages I felt really good, I can't really put it down to the liquid iron tonic because I've only been taking it for 4 days, or can I?
I guess the stuffs like EPO for the average working class Athlete!
Anyway not only did I cruise round with my highest average speed for the year but also I still felt good after the run and not like on Wed when I felt totally washed-up and wasted!

I was watching this video yesterday, kind of almost turned it off but decided to stick with it.
When he started to talk about 'out of body experiences' it really hit a cord with me, back when I was about 12 it happened to me!
It felt pretty scary and confusing at the time but it made me realize we are more than just mind and body, it has made me become much more spiritual over the years!
But not in a church-religious kind of way.
No, more in theres more to life than we have been taught or can understand in our limited perception of reality!
I remember so clearly like it was yesterday, I'd been watching TV with my brothers and sister.
I walked out the room for a drink into the kitchen, all of a sudden I kind of shot upwards out of my body, the next thing I was looking down on myself from the ceiling then bang a second latter I felt a humongous tug downwards and I was back in my body!
I collapsed to the floor in shock!

I've been asked to tell you all that you can now enter the 2012
'Mad Dog 10 K'

MAD DOG the movie MAD DOG "THE MOVIE" 2011


Ewen said...

Interesting form reversal with the liquid iron tonic Rick. Hope it continues!


Cheers Ewen,had a few good runs since, including the club fartlek session where I had a lot more zip in my legs than in the resent past :0]