Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sefton park X/C

Want To Fly? Then Get Ready To Fall-Often!

I've made steady progress since starting to recover from the anemia which had reduced my running performance to a snails pace!
Last week I had to switch from taking the liquid iron, as it was giving me serious stomach problems.
I'm now using ULTIMATE NUTRITION'S desiccated liver with heamoglobin iron capsules, this is the stuff I use to use back in my cycle racing days and it's very easy on the stomach.
Wed saw me and Tess average our highest average speed for a regular 15 mile route over the sandhills and pinewoods which we have been running for a few years now!
There was one blip in the good run when near home a Man in A White Van parked by the curb opened his door just as I was passing by at speed, I slammed straight into the edge of the door hitting my shin hard- Ouch!! [for after 9pm viewers- Fuck mother Fucker - that Hurt!!!]!
Thanks Mr White Van Man :0[

Sefton Park X/C Race
I decided to use Rob McGrath's strategy of going off steady then trying to catch as many people as possible after the first lap.
It worked well.
It's amazing just how many runners start off to0 fast only to crash and burn.
I set off with Rob, but by half a lap he started to pull away, I was happy to wait until I'd finished the first lap before kicking it up a gear!
Into the second lap and I started passing runner after runner, this was very motivating and empowering!
Yeah this was dam good fun :0]
I passed team mate Neil Asdhead half way into the second lap, then managed to pull alongside Stevie Lewis,.
My eyes were now fixed on club chairman Steve McLean who was looking rather tired!
I pulled him back with Stevie on my shoulder, with 400m to go we were all together looking for a grand showdown!
Steve kicked hard [using his track speed to good use] opening up a gap on Stevie, who in turn opened a gap on me!
I tried to lift my pace but with 300m to go my sciatica problem resurfaced locking my hamstring.
I shortened my stride and managed to get to the final 100m But then it locked again reducing me to a very undignified one legged hop, losing 3-4 places in the process!
Oh well two steps forwards and one step back!
Looks like I will need more rehab :0]
Thanks to Stevie for lift, good fun day out.
Great runs today by Stevie, Ben, Rob, Neil, Keith etc.


Samurai Running said...

Damn right this is not easy and very frustrating at times. But yes even if we do go back a few steps sometime we should always be looking/moving forward.

Sooner or later the breakthroughs will come and even if it never does, simply making the effort puts us a level way above the average man! ;)


Well said Scott.
To me life is a test!
It's testing us to see what our true metal is!
Never ever give up!
What you desire is yours for the taking, as long as you show true worth, true grit and determination, GO FOR IT!

Ewen said...

Enjoyed the video, but where were all the Southport vests?! That Mo Farah will be a good runner one day ;)

Good tactics - you ran well. Nice to get the iron problem sorted. Onward and upward!

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