Thursday, 14 April 2011

Virgin London Marathon 2011 Final Taper, Weather And Pacing

Marius Bakken sub 2.45 Marathon 100 Day plan 2011

*9 runs of 2 1/2 hours plus, Longest 24 hilly miles.
*16 interval-progression sessions, longest 19 miles.
*8 races inc my fastest time for 20 miles 2.04.01 and P.B. at Liverpool 1/2 1.17.55
and many weeks of consistent running through all types of weather!
So here I am again ready for the London Marathon.
It's been a dream of mine to break 2.45 since my first Marathon back in 1999 where I ran 2.49.53 on the Streets of London.
I think I'm in pretty good shape to achieve my goal.
As well as following Marius's brilliant training plan I've been refining my running biomechanics thanks to Steve Magness's website

The most important information you will ever read about Running Form: Passive vs. Active READ HERE

I've worked on improving dynamic range of movement-strength-plyometrics as well as self massage thanks to

I've also worked on improving my posture and general wellbeing with Dr Steve Hoffman of Core Wellness
Other areas I've worked on over the last year includes wearing much more minimal shoes with a zero heel lift which allow for greatly improved natural biomechanics and faster running!
I think it's really important to have an open mind and use anything that works [legally] to improve!


Team mate Ben [1.13 1/2 marathon winner] emailed me yesterday, telling me of the advice his legendary coach George Gandy gave him;
"Wen u do ur mara. Remember try for pace target at 1, 2 n 3mls especially in London coz early is downhill n easy to go too quick - and first 10 must feel like u just finished warm up, then conc on savin energy for the last 6mils while hitting time targets as wind n slopes allow, then evenly spread effort remaining over last 6mls.

Very good plain simple advice I feel.

Runners world Pace Chart Wrist Band, make your own HERE

Weather on the day

Ok anyone with nothing better to do can track me on the Virgin London Marathon website on the day, my Number is 31821
Be sure to will me on!
BUT maybe better use of your time would be to build a SEX DUNGEON!


Anonymous said...

That's all very well, Rick. But what about hydration? Do me a favour, eh? Drink some bloody fluids in the lead up to the race. I don't think you drank anything during the couple of hours prior to Langdale.

Oh, and as I have nothing better to do, I would love to track your progress online. Sadly, VLM tell me they're not offering that facility this year.

God speed, Rick (in an atheist kind of way). If you break 2:45, you get a free pass into my sex dungeon.


Samurai Running said...

Certainly seems that you checked off all the boxes, dotted the "i"s and crossed the "t"s, just hope you don't get to mile 18 and start thinking "Did I leave the kettle on?!!"

This priceless advice was given to me by my old mentor "Bill Blowman" before my breakthrough marathon.

"I can't stress this enough! Make sure all appliances are turned of prior to your run!!"

But seriously, like brian says don't neglect drinking! If you don't drink at every aid station you'll suffer, I assure you. As Bill used to say...

"Drink at every aid station!"


But Scott,
are you going to build the Dungeon!

Samurai Running said...

That's it! The "Stainless Steel Kitchen" has just GONE DOWN on the priority list, so to speak!!!

Grellan said...

All the best Rick. If you get the sub 2:45 we'll all chip in for the sex dungeon.

Anonymous said...

all the very best, rick. hoping you get your target time. run strong

Ewen said...

19C is lovely and cool ;) Have a good one Rick. Couldn't find the tracking page - the London Marathon website is a disaster. Looking forward to reading about a 2:44:50 Monday arvo.

Samurai Running said...

Can't find that tracking service Rick! Anyone know how the old fella is going? Must be finished by now?

let me know anyone if you know the results and I can go to bed!!

Samurai Running said...

I saw what you did Rick and I know it wasn't what you wanted but it's not like it is a blow out. 4 minutes shy of ones goal is within the realms of normal. I was 7 minutes off my goal time the last one I ran and after the initial dissapointment realized that sometimes/most times something is going to happen to spoil the party.

Still, what winners do is regroup and hit it again until there is nothing left! I heard Nate Jenkins say the other day that "We do no good to ourselves giving up." There are so many stories of people giving up when they were within a hairs breath of success! Just keep at it and know that even if we don't reach our goals, by staying on the path what we learn about ourselves and our ability to overcome hardships and obstacles is far more valuable than any times we achieve!

Tommorow's another day!!!

Where's the race report?


Thanks SCOTT :]