Friday, 8 April 2011

Let The Golden Age Begin!

I decided to follow Roberto's advice and cut out the planned session of 20 X 1 min at 10K pace.

Instead I ran easy- steady and finished with 5 mins fast then did 6 strides.
I felt really good throughout the run, happy days :]

Confidence is a fragile thing, as good as your last race or good workout!
It can easily be dented by one bad day!
Of course one should always look back at all the good sessions and races in the build-up.
I'm very happy with what I've achieved so far and now realize it's time to back off and conserve my energies for the big day!
Thanks for advice and comments :]

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Ewen said...

Great to see the confidence returning Rick. Scott's pep-talk and Roberto's advice has got you back on the rails. Good stuff!

Enjoy the rest of the taper. Going out with the 2:30 guys is the only thing that might spoil it for you, but I know you're too sensible for that.

Steve said...

Exciting times hey Rick?
A week from now I'll be on the train to London.

Should be interesting to see how we compete having completed such differing approaches to the training.
Not sure where you start but I reckon we'll be pretty close together on the Mall.
And I'm making no predictions who will run fastest on the day!


Thanks Ewen,
Yes reading your blog from start to finish greatly inspired me :]
Hi Steve I'll be on the red 'good for age' start.
Hope to see you there.
Yes As long as we both run 2.45 I'll be very happy:]