Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bad Week! Road To Self Destruction!

Oh F**K!!!, things are not going well!
I over did it on Sat on the long run and ran downhill way to fast resulting in very painful legs on Sunday and major DOM'S on Monday!
I tried for the session of 8 X 6 mins at Level 3 [ Marathon- Half Marathon pace] on Monday but gave up after just 2 efforts as my legs gave way!
Feeling quite dejected I headed for work.
I had one of my worst ever nights on the night shift, feeling weak, tired and dizzy, I really wanted to go home and sleep it off but some how made it through!!!
Figgin hell that was BAD!
Tue I just did an easy 4 miles with Tess.
I felt better but Tess was pulling me along!
I tried again for the 8 x 6 mins, this time around the Kings Garden's one K loop.
I set off way too fast with a 5.45 pace and got slower with each effort [ the idea was to start at MP pace and gradually increase to 1 /2 MP] I totally F**ked up and blew after only 6 efforts!!!
I finished feeling totally down and washed out!
Sorry Marius I think I might have blown it!

Maybe I'm on the road to self destruction!
Went into a crazy depression for a while, thinking of my marriage breakdown and all!
Update: feeling better today, thanks Roberto and Scott for comments.
I'm back on the road to recovery !

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by7 said...

that is totally tapering-inducted-panic.

therapy: run easy every day from now to 17th. Do not force yourself to run intervals or whatever, because you will get even more self-fulfilling-panic.
If you run easy, you do not have any chance to feel negative about your running !!

Run easy 1 hr daily... that will bring you to London ready to rock

Scott Brown said...

Hang tight Rick! Even if you don't run a step between now an marathon day you will be able to carry your fitness through to a PB!

I had the worst 2 weeks before my last marathon PB. Couldn't run even 1 5K marathon pace practice session without feeling like shit!But come race day I was on fire and could have run much faster if I had a mind to!

Look feeling this way is natural! It is how a lot of people feel before their breakthrough races. Frankly I was feaking out but I kept this to myself before and after the race as I did want to appear weak and hand Ewen something to hit me with ;)

Go and look Tess in the eyes give her a big pat and yell into a pillow. "All you bastards (problems with marriage and self doubts and body aches) have a week off so get the fuck out of here and get yourselves sorted! I will only deal with problems after I'm a sub 2:40 marathoner. So I I'll see you all on the 18th of April! And not before do you UNDERSTAND!!!!"

You will probably hear a small voice from the dark reccesses of you mind say mildly "Yes...Sir"

Then you need a quick dose of comedy and tragedy! Go and rent a funny DVD and after that read through Ewen's blog from begining to end. That should make you feel better about yourself ;)


Thanks for good advice guys.
[apart from reading Ewen's complete blog!]
I'll follow M.B.'s recovery cycle for the next week or so.

Ewen said...

Ha ha Scott! Any more of that and I'll strangle you with your pink arm warmers. But great advice about reading my whole blog - sound sleep is a big part of the tapering process. And go easy on the f-bombs - I bet poor Tess had her paws over her ears!

Grellan said...

Rick, save the self destruction until April 17th by destroying your marathon PB and no more self pity. You're better than that. Put yourself in a dark room listening to Steely Dan, close you eyes and picture yourself running up the Mall with 2:38:38 on the clock and the future is yours.


Thanks Grellan

DocRunner said...

You run a storming race in Trimpell 20 depite getting lost and then run a lifetime PB in the Liverpool Half and still the doubts creep in! The fantastic form that you are in will not have suddenly evaporated. Tapering does weird things to your mind and body. I have complete faith that you have the potential to run a PB on the 17th - you hust need to believe it too. Run strong. DocRunner