Wednesday, 20 April 2011

London Marathon RACE Photos NOW available to view!

Stevie Lewis's photos are now online at flicker
Featuring Ben, Paul, Jo, Keith,Mark, Chris and even me!

From left to right; Ben,Paul,Jo,Keith and me!

Ben on the way to a 2.35 a 20 min P.B.!

22 miles
Time to think on how to improve for next year!

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Scott Brown said...

Nice photos Rick you're looking fit enough. If you find the time write a more detailed report. Just interested in how you were feeling at the different stages of the race.

What does Ben put his PB down to? That's a rather big leap!


Scott I'll see if Ben is willing to write an article on his training for London so I can publish it here.
As for me own race I never felt good, legs got heavy by 12 miles and the rest of the way I felt like I might black out if I pushed it any harder!