Saturday, 2 April 2011

The 3 Amigos Run Parbold, London Marathon Training

photo; Steve reaches the top of the Beacon

I met Paul and Steve at Parbold for a 2 hour run.
This was Steve's first time training with Paul and me on the hills.
Poor BASTARD, he didn't know what he was letting himself into :]
We started with Stony Lane [500ft] which climbs steeply for a mile..
The countryside was looking really beautiful on this sunny spring day, many trees were in blossom and spring flowers were in full display.
After Stony lane we turned left then headed downhill past the quarry.
We then made our way round to the brutal Hunters Hill, we stayed together up the first half before I pushed on, feeling good I sprinted over the top, with Steve second and Paul 3rd complaining of tired legs after jogging with Jo the night before!
Now down through the farmers fields on the Harrock Hill race route we plunged at speed!
Next was the Ashurst Beacon climb of 2 miles.
3/4 of the way up we turned off the road and headed up a narrow trail to the top of the Beacon.
I think both Steve and Paul suffered on the very steep section near the top which must be a 1 in 2 at least!
After a quick breather we made our way to where the Ashurst Beacon race starts from.
We now had a long downhill all the way to the Canal bridge.
fairy_glen.jpg After more dirt tracks and farmers fields we reach Fairy Glen and our 4rd climb.
Paul took the lead until his legs started to give way on the 'steps'.
I took the lead and pushed on, Paul recovered once past the really steep section to finish strongly and young Steve showed his lack of endurance as he faded back!
Just a fast downhill ride of Parbold hill and we made it through.
Paul knocked 4 mins off his last time here, which looks good for London.
Hopefully Steve will do some more of these hill runs with us because he has the the light body build of a climber and with more hill work he will do really well in races like Harrock Hill.
We stopped and refuelled, my plan was to run a few more miles but as I left the boys I found my legs had stiffened up after the stop, so I just did an extra short loop to give me a total of 2 hours 12 mins of running.
Paul and Steve did 1 hour 54 mins


Ewen said...

I see shadows Rick. That's strange for the UK isn't it? Hope it's not too hot for London.

The Steely Dan clip was a good one - that bloke could break the world record for toothpicks in hair ;)


I think by now he might have trouble finding his hair!