Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wising up and party,party,party!

After achieving my aims with 6.12 average pace for 20 miles last week I decided to back off my training and let my body recover and overcompensate, ready for the final weeks of hard training.

In the past I would have pushed my tired body into even more hard training, but at last I'm getting wiser and smarter!
So missed this weeks 2 hour progression run and did some easy running instead, I do feel better for it and will now look to the Liverpool Marathon as my final sharpening up race.
I truly believe that I can take my half time down to 1 hour 17 mins.
Saturday I went to watch my club Southport Waterloo A/c win the Mid-Lancs X/C league for the second year running.
Very frilling final race to watch and some great performances from the young senior squad!
After we went for a meal and in the evening Tracey organized a night out in town, to celebrate club victory and also my birthday!
Didn't get home until 6 am in the morning after much partying :]

Sun Run with Rob in the sand dunes steady, total time 1 hour 20 mins
Sat Rest
Fri easy run hillside loop = 32 mins

Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake and Tsunami, shocking pictures of the destruction!


Grellan said...

Getting wise with age Rick. That's my kinda training week - 6am is real endurance, i'm impressed.

Ewen said...

1:17 for the Liverpool Marathon? Are you riding your pushy Rick? ;)

Actually, that would surpass Scott Brown's 1/2 PB, so some good bragging rights there.