Sunday, 20 March 2011

The NYRR Half Marathon 2011 Video

Watch Here

Great running by Super Mo
for outstanding win!

Rupp at only 24 years old also has fantastic debut with 3rd place.
Not so good for Ryan Hall who still seems out of sorts, can he return to form for Boston?
Caroline Rotich sets new women's course record while carrying a big smile over the last mile!
Kara Goucher had a great run for 3rd and is looking very good for Boston.


Grellan said...

Thanks for the entertainment Rick. Great finish.

Scott Brown said...

I reckon the sooner Mo runs a full marathon the better. If I was his coach I'd nix the 10,000 meters and have him training for the London Olympic Marathon in 2012. Reckon he would medal at home being a debutant and an emotional runner!

As for Ryan, he may have been holding back using this as one of his training runs, we will see at Boston!

Did you notice that "old" Aussie Lee Troop (37) beat him by almost a minute?


No worries Grellan:]Yes pretty exciting race!
Scott I think you are right, I doubt Mo will be fast enough over 10000m to win gold but in the marathon like you say he has a very good chance!
Ryan Hall tweeted that it had been a very 'tough' day, so think he must have been trying!
Think he should switch to the Nike camp and Alberto.

Grellan said...

I think Alastair Cragg in 6th place may just have beaten the Irish HM record by a few seconds.


That's an impressive run for Alastair and Ireland!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Great finish.