Friday, 25 March 2011

Liverpool Half Marathon Taper, My Legs Are On Fire!

I've been using Steve Magness's article on tapering[featuring Marius Bakken] to get ready for Sundays Liverpool Half.
Ever wondered why you feel flat on race day after a couple of easy days?
This article reveals all READ HERE
Felt really good!
Had to hold myself back as my speed kept increasing from the planned level one effort.
Last five mins I increased pace, aiming at 10K pace, I was soon hitting 5.30 then 5.20 pace.
Round a tight corner and me and Tess accelerated again, now reaching 5.10 pace, another couple of bends and we were on the final straight.
I was shocked to see 4.42 pace as Tess started to lag behind on the lead.
This run felt so beautiful and easy!
Friday will be a rest day with Saturday a easy run with with 6 fast strides to get the legs ready to race!
31 mins easy
30 mins easy
Total time 31 mins

Check out Marathon Talk
the best podcast on the net!

Great section on using caffeine to boost race performance in this weeks edition


Ewen said...

Tess's legs would be on fire too if you're leading her along at 4:42 mile pace.

The girl in the red shirt makes beautiful music - I'm getting myself a pair of those shoes!


Yes Ewen, Tess's paws were smokin!
The girl in red does indeed make beautiful music :]

Scott Brown said...

Go get that PB Rick!


I'll be going for it Scotty, max effort do or die!