Thursday, 10 March 2011

Return of the Rob!

Chronicles Of A Super Vet

A Runner's High by Ben Redmond from Mishmash on Vimeo.

Ran with Rob over the big sand dunes.
1 hour 3 mins, plus ran down and back.
Total = 1 hour 23 mins
Now back in 2009 Rob finished an amazing 2nd in the world hardest road marathon [Great Langdale Marathon].
Sadly shortly after he had a very nasty none running related accident resulting in a serious knee injury.
Thankfully after an operation to repair a damaged cartilage and a torn ligament Rob is at last getting back into training.
I felt much better today, as Wednesdays long run turned into a death march as the after effects of Sundays 20 mile race took hold, I cut the time down from 3 hours to 2 hours 35 mins to help my recovery.
30 x 1 min [ starting at below marathon pace and building up to 10k pace] with 30 sec Rec.
Felt stiff at first but soon got going, nocking out most my efforts at higher 10k pace.
Hillside loop easy, right calf muscle felt tight. = 32 mins

Man trains for sub 2.30 marathon eating only Big Macs
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What's it like to train with a Kenyan training group

if you have not been following @nicholasroche diary in the irish indo all this week check it out here great read


Ewen said...

Loved the video Rick.

Good to see you dragging Rob around the sandhills. Smart to drop the distance down a bit after the 20 miler. Not long to go now!

Scott Brown said...

Thanks for your thoughts re the earthquake Rick. This is really unfucken believeable!

As for your 3 run cut short. I did a session today that called for 40 mins at level 1, 40 mins at level 2and 40 mins at level 3 and while I could hold the time for the 1st two 40mins I couldn't hold the pace at level 3 and was only able to do 3:50 per K when I should have held at 3:45 to 3:40 which is my goal marathon pace.

I was a bit disappointed as the last KI I felt like I hit the wall and could only manage 4:30 for that K.

I need a bit more work but will keep trying to complete the session but a little worried that my goal of sub 2:40 is a bit over ambitious.

Still we have some time hoping things will come together on the day!

PS. Earthquakes are bloody scary!!!


Scott I only just got to see news a couple of hours ago.
It was pretty frighting just watching on TV.
Nature is so powerful and unpredictable!
Very glad you and family are OK:]
Looks like many lives will be lost, very sad!
Over here in UK we moan alot about our country but we are very lucky as its a pretty safe place to live.

As I raced the 20 last weekend I'm going to cut down the 40-40-40 session, I will play it by ear tonight.
I think you might need to take in more carbs to fuel the progression session, you have to almost treat it like a marathon eating well the day before and using gels on the run.
Cutting back and trying to lose weight in this section of the Marathon training may leave you empty and tired!
On race day you should be fresh and rested and have loads of motivation to achieve your goal.
Maybe you should have two goals, if on a great day sub 2.40 or if the pace is to much aim at sub 2.45, you may get a better idea after your 1/2 marathon.
Keep positive and best wishes to every one in Japan.


Scott just worked out 3.50 pace = sub 1.42 for the marathon, so that is shifting, its not going to feel easy in training.
When I did a long progression run the other week holding my current 20 mile race pace felt very hard, yet in the race it felt loads better.