Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Half Marathon Motivation Video

Notice the RED ARROWS formation at the front of the race, works every time and nice running from Liz Yelling.
Digging the music too :]

Sometimes it gets boring working in a Supermarket, so we sometimes do this and blame it on the customers:] READ MORE
Lavender blue: In this impressive effort seven different spices are used to spell out a cheeky word


Scott Keeps Running said...

Makes shopping fun. :)



Ewen said...

Enjoyed the vid Rick - good editing and music. Liz's short-cut over the footpath was dodgy. Times a little slow for some reason, but I know you and Scott Brown would only get 'chicked' by 7 or 8 runners.

You blokes have too much time on your hands!

Scott Brown said...

I have the same shoes as Wicks! Color and all. The store clerk told me the were a one off too the bastard ;) They are good for half maras but not for the fulls, shattered my hamstrings.

Talking about "Spanking!" I heard the funniest twitter comment the other day by a woman fron Alberta Canada, Kelly Oxford, that I follow. She said, she always gives herself the thumbs up after masturbating because she says that when she dies and her life flashes before he eyes she'll have something to laugh about ;)