Saturday, 5 March 2011

How Much Do You Want It? How Much Do You Crave It? How Deep Are You Willing To Go To Achieve Your Goal?

These are questions I've been asking myself as I approach my 20 mile race tomorrow.
It won't be easy, but then nothing worth achieving ever comes easy.
I've endured the minus 10 Temperatures of early winter and come out stronger.
I've not missed a single days training so far.
So it's time to end the words and start the Motor!
After being inspired by Japanese runner Yuki Kawauchi [as many of you have] I plan to push all out for a new P.B.!

Tony Robbinstonyrobbins There is always room in your life for thinking bigger, pushing limits & imagining the impossible

"The Rocky of the Marathon World" - Saitama Governor Praises Kawauchi (updated) Read Here


Samurai Running said...

Good on you Rick!

I heard Kawauchi has ended up in the medical tent after his last 3 finishes!

You got to be a little mad to do this well and I reckon you are a nut so it looks good for April!

My training isn't going so well hamstring and sinus have been trying to tell something but I'm not listening and ploughing on!

Great BBC clip too, by the way,.


Cheers Scotty.
well I did almost blackout after this 20 mile race the other year!
Hope the injury and illness clears up, remember to keep the easy days easy :]

Ewen said...

I like the new look Rick - except for the streaks and waves in your hair - that's almost as girlie as Scott Brown's arm-warmers.

I hope your 20 miler is Kawauchi-like, except for being willing to die rather than come second ;)