Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Super Cool Progression Run And Why Ewen Comes From The Stars!

We are the children of stars. In the heart of a dying star new elements were being made. Every single atom from your body has come from these dead stars. This is the journey of the atoms that compose us starting today and ending at the beginning of time. They have travelled for billions of years through stars, space, Earth, and time until they joined together to create each one of us.


How a sandcastle reveals the end of all things - Wonders of the Universe

Spectroscopy of Stars - Wonders of the Universe: Stardust


Marius Bakken Progression Session
Location Kings Gardens One K Loop
3 x 9 mins [3 min L2-3min L3-3 min L4] continuous, 2 mins Rec between sets.
Felt sluggish warming up in the humid heavy atmosphere but felt strong and in control once I started the session.
Set one; L2 6.37 pace-L3 6.01 pace-L4 5.43 pace
Set two; L2 6.28 pace-L3 6.01 pace-L4 5.42 pace
Set three; L2 6.28 pace-L3 5.59 pace- L4 5.43 pace

Finished with 6 x smart strides Total Time = 1 hour 2 mins

My running biomechanics felt really good, thanks to Dr Steve Hoffman of Core wellness for ideas and advice!

Training Tip
Keep your head up, dropping your head down results in poor posture and bending at the waist!


Ewen said...

I'll be smarter than Scott Brown if you keep educating me like this Rick.

Now I've got a great excuse for not keeping my garden in an immaculate state of repair - It's a waste of time fighting entropy!

Nice going with the progression runs - you'll be turning back time at London for sure.

Scott Brown said...

I don't know about "Ewen coming from the stars" Rick! While he can, at times, be distant and cold, like a star, he is basically a down to earth guy.

I know he likes it here on Earth. The tight bastard once told me the only reason he doesn't want to shuffle off this mortal coil, die, is because by staying here he gets an annual, free trip around the sun!!!


I think you two guys should do a podcast together.
Think it would be highly hilarious!
but would the show be called The Scoot and Ewen show or The Ewen and Scott show?

Ewen said...

"The Ewen and Scoot Show"... I'm always scooting faster than Scott ;)

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