Saturday, 15 October 2011

Running In The Shadow Of Lydiards Waitakere Mountains

Arthur Lydiard Base Training Week 2
Got inspired to do a pretty serious hill run after listening to a 3 hour training talk by Arthur Lydiard and Peter Snell
My run round Parbold and Harrock hill inc 5 climbs and the route took me over road trail grass and MUD!
Keith Livingstone says in his book 'Healthy intelligent Training' that you may start to feel tired by the end of the second week, but don't worry the body will soon adapt and things will improve quickly!
Well Id felt great until Friday night where at work I suddenly was hit with a feeling of overwhelming fatigue!
After a short 4 hours in bed I headed off to Parbold for my version Of Lydiards Waitakere Mountains.
My aim was to keep to 70-75% MHR [maybe a bit higher on the climbs] for the distance.
As I got into the 3rd climb I hit some seriously deep mud that almost sucked my New Balance 101's off my feet!
It was about this point when my energy started to slip away,.
Keith recommends doing the long runs without taking gels or energy drinks so you train the body to burn fat and become more efficient.
But I still had an hour to run, would I make it ?
Once I got on the road again I seemed to pull around and find a new supply of energy, maybe my body was now switching to fat burning mode, whatever I was motoring again and hitting 75% MHR for the roller coaster road loop to the finish.
Not quite Lydiards 22 miles but 17.4 miles and 2000 ft of climbing will do for now!
Sandhill 6 with Sarah and Jon, plus ran down and back at 60-65% MHR = 1 hour 21 mins
Parbold-Harrock Hill =2 hours 19 mins
Regeneration run 60-65% MHR Hillside loop =33 mins
Warm-up then 10 X 10 sec sprints [leg speed session] on grass, one sprint every 400m with full recovery, followed by some easy running = 1 hour 30 mins
Big sandhills run at 70-75% MHR = 1 hour 32 mins
Marathon effort [80% MHR] Sandhills Busters Lagoon, out and back run = 55.29
Club Fartlek session, ran down and back = 1 hour 42 mins

Total 9 Hours 27 Mins of running for the week

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It sets us apart from the common man because we are in touch with our true spirit! Quote RicksRunning 2011


Ewen said...

Great that you've found your own version of the Waitakere Mountains Rick. That'll get you strong and build the aerobic engine.

Are you using the HRM on all runs? Are you finding you're doing more slower paced running than previously by sticking to Keith's HR limits?


Hi Ewen,
I kind of know, marathon pace-steady pace by Feel!
But the HRM is useful to hold me back on the recovery run!
Easy running feels unnatural to me, but seeing I'm at the right pace on these runs 60-65% MHR helps me relax and feel confident that I'm doing the right thing!
But I also feel a pulse monitor can limit us when we run fast!


I kind of got pissed off with my heart rate monitor on todays run so ended up running by feel-listening to my body, at that point I started to run SO MUCH BETTER :0]

amanda said...

god rick u do some running! I think you will defo go sub 2.45. what do you do post marathon running wise? I've had a easy week with a few rest days as my legs feel dead when i run! Any advice? Amanda


Hi Amanda, first congrats on a ACE Marathon great result:0}
Marathon RecoveryFirst week
Day one; 30 mins walk
Day 2; 30 mins easy with 5 x 20 sec strides at marathon pace.
Day 3 Walk or easy run 30 mins
Day 5 40 mins easy run with 5x 20 sec strides at half marathon pace.
Day 7 walk or easy run 30 mins

Week 2
Day 8
Warm up then 10 x 45 sec at 1/2 marathon pace.
Day 9 easy run 40 mins
Day 10
50 mins easy running with 5 x 20 strides at 10 K pace
Day 11
40 mins easy
Day 12
40 mins with last 5 mins at Marathon pace
Day 13
Easy 40 mins
Day 14
one hour easy

Week 3
Mon easy 40 mins
50 mins easy with 5 x 20 sec strides at 5k pace
one hour easy-steady
50 mins with last 10 mins at marathon pace
30 mins easy
one hour steady
long run 1 1/2 hours easy
try to run on soft ground the first two weeks ie grass or dirt paths.
It will take three weeks for your body to fully recover-so don't push it hard!
The strides help with the recovery and bring the legs back to life!
Use a roller on your legs, massage them before and after every one.
cheers Rick


Opps typo error; replace one with run!


If you feel rally tired on any one day, just go for an easy walk or gentle jog.

Amanda said...

Thankyou RIck that sounds great :-) my main gole is to stay injury free, then i mite try London! Keep up the good work


Amanda, You should do really well at London :0]
Keep your runs easy and just do the strides at the end of some of your runs [relaxed] to help bring the legs back to life.
And don't forget massage the legs before and after runs.
Biggest mistake is to race too soon or jump into hard training without allowing full recovery [things I've done in the past!].