Thursday, 27 October 2011

How To Run A 2.24 Marathon At Age 46!

His Secret; consistent 100 mile weeks
Tempo Runs and Strides READ MORE

Training Alactic Sprints
Purpose To improve biomechanics,leg speed,strength and running economy.
Keith Livingstones says these short 10 sec sprints can be done year round.
The short duration of the efforts does not cause lactic acid build up so can be safety done during aerobic base building.
Start at 10 strides and over the weeks build to 20 efforts.
16 x 10 sec Alactic strides, one sprint every 400m on grass.
Followed be easy run over the Velvet trail and S5 course.
One hour 32 Mins


Anonymous said...

HAve been following your Lydiard based training with interest but was wondering how you'll incorporate the Marius Bakken plan into the mix..start at week 7/8 of the plan after the hill sessions of Lydiard?


Thanks for question.
I think I will stick with Keith Livington's Lydiard plan he gave me.
building up to 12 hours per week next year.
I think Marius Bakkens plan worked very well for me but I feel a need for a change and I'm feeling very good with Lydiards more aerobic training.
Cheers Rick

Ewen said...

Great story about Tracy Lokken. Scott should take some inspiration from that. Interesting that he kicked on with his training and racing after getting out of the roofing business. That'd be hard yakka!


Ewen, Hard work, Lots of Miles and pure natural talent is all you need to run very fast.
I can do the first two but not the last!
Hard manual jobs is what sets us apart from Scott, he's sat on his backside all day for sure :0]

Mark E. said...

Did you post that schedule you got from livingstone?


Mark E
Keith's recommendations were the same as here
He said follow the basic Lydiard training base right through until a month before the Marathon, then replace the 1 hour at MP with a faster tempo run 5 miles at 15K pace, then two weeks before replace the tempo session with 6 x 1/2 mile at 5K pace this will bring you to a peak for race day.
All very straight forward and easy to follow.