Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Long Run with Ben And More Improvements!

I got a text from Ben this morning, "Are you going for a Run today, looking for an easy run round the sand dunes?"
Well YES, you'd have to tie me down with a steel cable to stop me running right now, my enthusiasm is that high!
Me and Tess jogged down to the local leisure centre in the early afternoon sunshine to meet with Ben.
It turned out Ben had just recovered from a slight injury so was happy to run at my less than elite pace!
The time soon passed as we chatted and ran up and down the sand dune trails.
It's amazing the difference running with someone else makes, I did not feel tired or fatigued in any way!
But poor Tess after pacing me well on my Marathon Effort run yesterday started to suffer in the closing miles!
Well at almost 70 she's doing well!
= 2 Hours 19 Mins
Marathon Effort Run 80% MHR
Ran the usual out and back sandhill route with Tess chasing my heels on the way out.
At the turn around point she took the lead and bounded off in front, checking behind from time to time to see If I was still hanging on!
Finished about 25 sec faster than last time which gives me a total improvement of about 2 mins [at the same effort] in just over 3 weeks of doing this MP session!

Reading an old book On Greg Lemond's winter training [around 1986] he states that one of the best sessions for improving his fitness is a Sub-threshold one hour motorbike paced ride at 80% MHR.
Well I haven't got a motorbike to pace me but Tess does just as well!
Looking at the rest of his winter training it looks very Lydiard in many ways and Greg went on to win the Tour De France in impressive style that year!

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Grellan said...

That sub-threshold MP run sounds great - a key workout for any marathon training programme.