Sunday, 30 October 2011

Arthur Lydiard Training Week 4

The plan was to have 3 weeks of high mileage followed by a lower mileage week to allow full recovery and adaption, then go through the 4 week cycle again.
But as I've got a 1/2 marathon [Lancaster 1/2] next Sunday I decided to leave the easy week until Monday.
UPDATE; Oops, just checked with Keith Livingstone's recommendations and he says during base training have an easier week after every 2 weeks of higher mileage! [No wonder I was starting to feel a little tired and jaded, a lingering cold over the last week should have told me that I was starting to not fully absorb my training. Note to one's self; Must be smarter in the future if I don't want to end up on the great Marathon runners scrapheap ]!
Also this week I decided to run the Beacon Park X/C for training.
I found the race quite tough, the short steep hills and mud make this a very challenging course.
I doubt I pushed much harder than marathon pace as I just didn't have it in my legs to go any harder.
We got 8 guys out with Peter Roome [first back for the club] having a great run to finish 20th, I was way done today in 52nd!
The elite quad went to the Burnley X/C where Ben finished in 21st averaging 5.45 pace, impressive running over grass and mud!
So I'll back off a bit next week replace the one hour at MP with the half Marathon.
Maybe I'll set off at sub 2.45 marathon pace then if things are going good push it in the second half.
Mon Club fartlek session, plus extended run down and back = 2.09
Tue MP run out and back to Busters Lagoon 54.35 [longer loop] plus warm up and down.
Wed Big sand dunes with Ben easy-steady = 2.19
Thur 16 x 10 sec alactic sprints on grass, plus easy sand hill run =1.34
Fri Regeneration run, Hillside loop 60-65% MHR = 33 mins
Sat Beacon Park X/C Race
Sun Velvet trail then S6 with Jon and Sarah easy pace = 1.40
Total for week 9 Hours 47 Mins

Interesting Fact;
Komon's coach Renato Canova stated that more and more young African's are running great marathon times because they already have over 10 years of base training in their legs from running to school and back, plus when they are in there early 20's they have much quicker recovery from the hard training needed to race a marathon!

If you missed The Great South Run [10 miles] watch Komon try to break the 10 mile record HERE

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