Sunday, 26 June 2011

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch That Is The Question?

"Running Stretches, Are They Effective And Injury Preventing...And What Is The Best Way"

BY Marius Bakken

stretching for runningStretching for running is a much discussed topic. You are in from a run and ready for a shower. But before that, some light running stretches.

Because you have always done so and because it is suppose to be injury preventing and at the same time increase general running economy.

A common question from runners is : should I be stretching after a run ?

I want to tell you a story about this : a few years ago I was in Kenya on one of my regular altitude trainings.

High up in the Rift Valley where most of the great Kenyans do their training.

Right beforehand I had a discussion with one of the experts on stretching in the Olympic team. We disagreed on whether or not I should do stretching in my training or not.


RicksRunning Says:

Just got some really good advise on how to treat my calf injury from Marius Bakken, will report back soon.

It does seem doing static stretching made my injury worse!

Alex Hutchinson
Muscular endurance of quadriceps predicts how much your running economy will worsen as you fatigue:

KiIian conquers all!

Here on RicksRunning we have featured Kilian's videos for at least two years, so I'm really pleased that he has hit the big time with an amazing achievement at the Western States 100


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