Thursday, 2 June 2011

Half Marathon Training With Stevie L

Location; Kings Gardens, One K loop
Been helping Stevie train for the up coming half marathon.
I set a Marius Bakken/Italian style type training session.
3 x 3k with each lap of the one K loops getting faster!
Based on Stevie's projected 37 min 10k time I set the paces as follows;
3 x [ 1 k MP 6.38 pace-1 K 1/2MP 6.17 pace- 1 k 10k 5.57 pace continuous].
With 3 mins rec
The Kings Gardens big one K loop proved ideal for this type of training and the session went really well.

Thur 2nd
6 x Short Hill Sprints with Tess.
Improved by a whopping 'one second' compared with two weeks ago!
plus 6 special strides.

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