Monday, 6 June 2011

The Return Of Steady Eddie!

I was pretty shocked to get a message from Eddie the other day asking if I was still training with Jon and Sarah on Sundays.

You see Eddie has not been seen for a while and dropped out of the running scene after a dodgy knee led to a cartilage operation last year!
Eddie turned up 5 mins late, telling tales of lack of fitness etc...!
Soon into the run he started to pull away, his long legs giving the impression of deceptive ease.
I left Sarah and Jon and chased with Tess to close the gap.
Eddie was flying along the sandhill 6, I kind of expected him to slow down but this was not to be, in fact as we hit the section through the woods he started to pull away!
I had to put in a extra hard effort to catch him as we exited the sandhills and reached Shore Rd.
Eddie wanted to add an extra mile and a half to the route, so we crossed the Rd and headed into the woods past Pontins, doing a loop round and back onto the Sandhiull 6 route.
I took the lead and soon could see Rob who'd set off early to get a longer run in.
We chased hard after Rob who caught and passed Sarah and Jon [ they'd taken a shorter route] '
After the big dipper I pulled Eddie passed Sarah and Jon, now there was only Robbie to catch.
Eddie was hanging in, doing an unbelievable run.
Just before the Royal Birkdale Golf Club House I pulled alongside Rob, he looked back and did a double take as he saw Eddie accelerate up onto his shoulder!
We ran into the finish together, finishing with a very impressive average speed.
Oh and if Eddie tells you he is not fit, don't believe a word of it!
It's all a deception!!!
Eddie is back! SANDHILL 6 Route

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