Friday, 17 June 2011

Rubbish 5K proves a BIG SUCCESS!

Almost 50 runners turned up for the first of the summer series, now into it's 3 year!
I started this event after 'Storming Norman' asked if I could put on a free event for local runners.
I designed the course [ a challenging trail 2 lapper with some short sharp climbs and plenty of gnarly corners] and got a few good friends to help me out with running the event.
This year thanks to new club chairman Steve McLean things have really progressed.
In fact due to the large turn out we are now looking at chip timing for the next event!
Once again we were blessed with fine sunny weather for the Rubbish 5K.
Just as we were about to set off a small red headed figure emerged from the distance running towards us, oh no it was Trace, late again!
After holding the start up for a couple of mins we were off!
Stevie Lewis sprinted off like a bat out of hell, I followed on his heels.
The first section is downhill and I just about held onto to his ridiculously fast pace, but as we turned left onto a narrow path Steve Mclean shot past on my inside as I let a gap open up.
Next Neil Adshead rudely pushed a elbow into my rib cage as he pushed past.
The 3 of them pulled away, I got into my own rhyme and after about half a lap started to close them down.
Just as they went through one lap I bridged the gap, I tapped Neil on the shoulder and pulled passed, moving up to the two Steve's.
I followed for a while before accelerating to the front just before a couple of sharp bends.
I slowed it down into the turns, making them brake, then I kicked hard trying to open a gap.
Steve Mclean stayed with me and with about half a mile to go I felt my calf muscle slowly start to tighten up.
As I went over a slightly uneven section I got a jolt up my leg and the pain of last weeks calf pull came back to haunt my again in full effect!
With 500m to go I pulled over, the two Stevie's shot past, showing no mercy for this crippled old fool!
Next Neil and Andy followed, I limped in feeling dejected, dam I HATE to be injured!
In the Women's race that red headed temptress Tracey once again triumphed, just out beating Super Sue Cooper with new girl on the block Jen finishing an impressive 3rd.
But this event is much more than just the guys at the front, it is about everyone getting out and running, having fun and achieving their own personal goals.
Hopefully this event was fun for everyone?
OK we will be back on the 20th of July, hope you will be there to enjoy the FUN!
P.S. Anyone got any photos from this event please email them to me at


Ewen said...

You had a good turn-up Rick. A well organised safe race over an accurate course with accurate times is all people want. Take care of that calf!

Thomas said...

That URL you gave me looks interesting. Thanks, Rick. Hope your own calf problems aren't too bad.

Stevie L said...

Rick is such a shame that your calf went again, it would have been a hell of a finish with the three of us running those last 300m! I was relying on you to drag/force me to a new PB even though by the end I had worked hard then ever before. 5k is a tough distance!
Let us know your plans for Sunday.


Thanks Ewen, been rollering the knot out of it, will have to run steady for a bit and miss the half marathon this Sunday.
Thomas, I thought of you when I read that article on treating knee injuries, so hope it helps.
Thanks Stevie, I sent you an email.

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