Sunday, 27 June 2010


As I made my way up the Ashurst Beacon climb along the dirt paths on Saturday I came out on to a field edged by tall shady trees.

In front of me a group of kids [14-16 ish] were standing over a fire in which they'd placed drinks cans, what substance they were heating up I'm not sure, 'Rocks' or maybe adhesive?
All I know is the fumes made me cough, as I passed on by.
Think I'll stick to my 'RUNNERS HIGH' and fresh air!

How to run uphill with good posture

Sun 27th
Ran with Tracey on the sandhill 6, by the time we go to Ainsdale she had got so hot that she asked a man watering his garden, if she could hose herself down!
On the way back she started to show all the signs of heat stroke, so we walked for a while, then finished with an easy jog = 1.07


jamie said...

Crazy kids! Hopefully they'll discover endorphines at some point.


I hope so, lets hope not harder drugs :[

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick just to let you know my blog has changed name again few issues but just being overcautious

Sam :/

Ewen said...

I only run because the "runner's high" is cheaper ;)

Not sure those platform shoes would be too good for your health either!


Thanks Sam
Ewen but if you had a Nun and a nurse to hold you up, would you complain :]

Ewen said...

A Nun and a Nurse? In my dreams Rick, in my dreams ;)

Anonymous said...

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