Monday, 7 June 2010


Sad news while out on my Saturday long run, My faithfull and fautless 3 year old Garmin passed away, I miss you :[

Mon 7th
Had to dig my heart rate montior out for this session;
18 x 2 mins [alternating 2 mins level 3 with 2 mins level 4] with 1 min rec between each 2 min effort. plus 5 x smart strides. Total time 1.04
Ran in my Nike Mayfly racers, Vintage 4 years old!
Whats interesting here is they are recommended for a max use of only 60 miles, yet mine have done over 200 miles so far and the midsole is still like new.
They cost only £25 new, which makes me think once more how much we are getting ripped off with the price of the new wave of minimalist shoes on the market right now!
Level 3 = 1/2 MP pace 5.59 [ 80%- 85% MHR], Level 4 = 10k pace 5.44 [87%-92% MHR]

Sun 6th
Easy run with Tess and Jon, sandhill 6 = 1.20
Sat 5th
Long run over Parbold and ashurst Beacon, mostly off road, felt quite good on the climbs of Stony lane, Hunters Hill, really powered up the main road climb of Parbold and finished off with the off road climb up ashurst and on to the Beacon. = 1.55


Mark said...

Sorry to hear about the Garmin Rick - you will need to treat yourself to a new one now


Opening the wallet will 'hurt'!

Scott Brown said...

I shed a tear listening to that song Rick. It's so bloody bad!

Scott Brown said...

That's a terrific after race interview! Thanks for that Rick.


Glad you enjoyed the 'song' :]

Ewen said...

Sad news indeed. And at such a young age. You should have taught it to look both ways before crossing the road.

A bloke down here got a pair of those Mayflies sent out from the UK when they first came out. I remember as he said they were supposed to disintegrate after 100k of racing!

marty said...

my 405 was stolen recently. got a new one last week from £209.99. much cheaper than anywhere else


Yes Ewen the mayfly was meant to die after only 100k, hence the name, but I also have a friend who races in them and they like mine are still going strong after many miles!

Thanks Marty, yeah Amazon seem cheap, cheers.

bricey said...

Sorry to hear the sad news. It may be an opportunity to stand on your own two feet and run by feel with just an old water resistant casio! You're a grown up now :)