Saturday, 12 June 2010

The ghost runner and running under the blazing sun!

Hi folks, got a new Garmin today :] But found it was set up in German! this gave me a few problems trying to turn it back into good old English, then as i started my long run I found it was still set to K's, aaaah!!!
Anyway I've been feeling that maybe I've been running my long hilly runs too hard, going by pace works well on flat routes, but it's hard to gauge effort on a hill course, so today under a blazing sun I strapped on my old pulse monitor and ran at level one [60-72% max MHR] on the flat but let myself reach level 2 up the hills [72-78% MHR].
Marius says; keep to level one as much as possible but letting the pulse reach level two on the climbs is ok.
I ran over 5 climbs around Parbold and harrock hill, finishing somewhat dehydrated and zonked out due to taking in no water or food on my 2 hour 20 min run.

Amazing sad story about THE GHOST RUNNER

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Mark Ashby's report on the Bendrigg 10K


Ewen said...

A blazing sun? You mean it was over 30C? ;) Nothing wrong with kms Rick - you just run 3 minute kms instead of 5 minute miles.

I think it's the which is slowing your page rather than the videos. Maybe they didn't pay their bills!

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