Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sammy Wanjiru interview Marathon talk Podcast and my best workout for a long time :]

RUBBISH 5K Results and Pics available soon!
Picked up a really good posture tip from
'BAREFOOT JOSH' which sorted out a problem I've had for some time.
The result was I had one of my best workouts since running the Marathon !
location Kings Gardens
13 x 2 mins at 5.44 pace with 1 mins rec, set the virtual partner on my Garmin and had a ball working hard to keep in front of him, he came past me 3/4 into the workout but i fought back and beat the bugger!
It made me laugh to see 'YOU WON' flash up on the Garmin, 'YES, YES, YES', ha,ha:]
Finished with 26 mins of running at 5.44 pace, the running tip to imagine being pulled by a rope tied around your hips stopped me sitting back when i run [which is a very bad habit of mine] and the end result was everything started to flow along just great, got quite excited about how much better my running form improved, AWESOME :]
finished with 5 x smart strides, total time 1 hour 6 mins
Nice relaxed run over the big sand dunes with Tess = 1.48

Scientific report showing why Marius Bakken type active recoveries work so well [ ie, alternating 5 mins at 10k pace, 3 min active recover at marathon pace.


Grellan said...

Like your new blog photo - but where's your horse?

Scott Keeps Running said...

His running is so smooth he doesn't even look very fast -- until you see him flying past the other runners cheering him on.


Yes grellan looks like the Grand national :]
i know scott, if only I could run like Sammy, in slow motion but at 4.30 mile pace:]

Ewen said...

Thanks for the links Rick. Listening to marathon talk now.

Interesting about blood lactate clearing fastest at the higher speeds. This could be why you sometimes see 800m runners doing standing recoveries - e.g. 10 x 200 with a standing recovery the same time as the 200.

barefootjosh said...

Funny how running is; I, a guy much slower than you, had advice you found useful. Glad I could help!

Now off to do some speedwork so I can maybe someday catch up...


thanks Josh