Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh Baby I'm in the groove!

Tue 2nd
Had another great run today, once again it was a Marius Bakken session.
20 mins at 1/2 marathon [6.04]pace followed by 10 x 45 sec at 10 k [ 5.44] pace with just 15 sec recovery between efforts.I felt confident and in total control of the session and hit my target pace of 6.04 for the 20 min tempo run, a few mins easy and i did the 45 second efforts round a half mile hill loop along Trafalgar Rd.
I finished feeling energized and fresh!=1.00
Mon 1st
Club session, 7 x 800m at 10k pace. Just as we finished the other club run [ steady] group cruised passed and I got on the back for a lift home =2.05

Check out this video of Earl Fee and change your perceptions of what is possible.
Amazing stride for an 80 year old, awesome!!!


Scott Brown said...

Holly shit! That was fantastic! My stride it's as good and I'm half his age ;)

Scott Brown said...

I meant my stride isn't as good.


Scott do you have his book? and what does he say about how to improve your form?

Ewen said...

He certainly has great form. There was an interview with him on 'Younger Legs'. 2:48 for 800m at 80 is brilliant. I can only just do that at 50!

Scott Brown said...

Yes Rick he writes about that in a section on exercises for sprinters. The whole book is good and I also like the focus he puts on the mind. I'm sure you'd like it too.